Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everything's Supposed To Be Just Great

Erich already posted this on Good Bad Music a couple years ago, plus his stories are better than mine, but I'm actually a part of the Seizure discography, goddamnit (they were on the "Make It Work" compilation that I put out), so I'm gonna say that I'm allowed to post this record, too.

Going back to the beginning, Seizure had always seemed like a joke band to me. They certainly weren't the best musicians around, plus they liked to goof around on stage a lot, and they had a bunch of songs that weren't totally serious, like "Mary Lou", "Guns For Everyone", and "Jackie" ("Jackie on the corner, got V.D./Jackie on the corner, she gave it to me"). Seizure were a band for a long time before they ever put a record out; one thing they had in the early years was a live soundboard tape from CBGB's, which was pretty good (plus the skinheads at CB's used to love them, for some reason), though it still didn't present them as being any kind of dead-serious political band or anything. Then when their first EP, "All Hail The Fucking System", came out, it took a lot of people by surprise. You could tell right away from the sleeve that this was not a silly party record, plus the songs and the recording were friggin' heavy. Whomever recorded this thing did a hell of a job, because it kicks ass. Seizure weren't really just a thrash band at this point, which was actually one of their strengths-- check out the extended mosh part in "Homecoming", or the rockin' bass line on "Nobody's Child" (even though I still can't tell what Karl is singing about).

Karl went on to sing in Corrosion of Conformity, for one album (the "Blind" LP). Jeff Coleman has drummed in a bunch of other bands that I've posted here before, including The Injections, and Clusterfuck with Donn, who also sang for Seizure at one point. I never saw Donn sing for Seizure originally, until Seizure re-formed to play a set at the Jeff R. benefit at the Tune Inn in 1997, and Donn went friggin' nuts-- it might've been the best set I saw that day. There's a few other Seizure releases kicking around out there, besides this EP-- they later put out two 12"-ers, neither of which I've ever heard, plus they were on the "Connecticut Fun" and "One Big Crowd" compilation LPs ("Connecticut Fun" is where you'll find "Guns For Everyone", which is a pretty darn ace if you ask me).

Seizure -

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Brushback said...

The downloadable mp3 files on this post have now been replaced with a listen-only file of "Homecoming".

Ekkard Bäuerle said...

Always loved the cover. Their Music ain´t bad either!