Saturday, October 2, 2010

What This Town Really Needs Is A Fire

Get Haunted had the release party for "Get Haunted Vol. 2" at The Oasis in New London last night; I wasn't there, but I've been able to give "Vol. 2" a couple of listens thanks to the Oasis blog, and I can say that it's easily the best Get Haunted release yet. I can't tell if they've added more electric guitar or just more effects to the banjo, but the sound is a lot thicker than on "Vol. 1". Along with the noticeably heavier sound, the undeniable Johnny Cash-like timbre to Joey's vocals stands out even more on songs like "Jean Jacket Kids" and "Amongst the Pines". There's a sharper variety here, also; "Falling Stars" (sung by Sarah) is practically a straight-up lullaby, and one of my other favorites, "Horses", sounds a bit like "Sleepwalk", the Santo & Johnny classic from the Fifties.

Besides hearing the album stream on the Oasis blog, you can also grab a free (for now) 320kbps download of "Jean Jacket Kids" at the currently stuffed-to-the-gills Get Haunted bandcamp site. I'll also post a couple of songs down below, though I may not keep them there for long.

Get Haunted -

"Jean Jacket Kids"



Holly said...

I like both songs a lot - thanks for posting!

Brushback said...

Sure thing!... besides "Vol. 2" they've got another new CD, called "From The Basement"... that one I haven't checked out yet, though.

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now inactive.