Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've Given Up On This Place

I forget exactly how I got an mp3 copy of The Only Ghost In Town's "Like Candy"-- maybe from a post on Built on a Weak Spot, maybe from poking around on the Rok Lok website looking for info on the Weed Hounds split-- but anyway, I downloaded it to my computer back in July, maybe played it once, and then forgot all about it. Then a few weeks ago I listened to it again, just on a whim, only this time it got stuck in my head long enough to make me realize what an awesome friggin' song it is. There's a definite Summer Hits/Boyracer-type quality to the ghost-like vocals and drawn-out feedback throughout the song, and in fact, if you go back a couple of posts, it was listening to this tape that made me pull out the Four Letter Words compilation again. Most of the songs on the tape are rapid-fire (almost half of them aren't even two minutes long), and though The Only Ghost In Town seems firmly rooted in home-made '90s indie pop, this is way more rock than twee; sorta like Blanket/Sno*Boy or Incredible Force of Junior, if those names mean anything to you. Only 100 of these tapes were made, but I just bought mine a little more than two weeks ago, so there's definitely one left over for you. Pick up the Wax Phantom demo while you're there (, or buy it from somebody at least, it's pretty great.

The Only Ghost In Town -


"Like Candy"


soniklife said...

Hey there! Thanks for not only purchasing the tape from my label/distro but doing a nice write up as well it is greatly appreciated. I have been ghost following the blog for awhile now and enjoy it. I have you linked on my blog, Here On This Island.

BTW if it isn't too much to ask...I recently lost some tunes on my computer and saw that you were sharing parts of the Going Against Maz's Advice comp. Glad to see the Summer Hits and Boyracer love but I was wondering if you would be as kind to share the Belmondo, Holiday Flyer and Cat's Miaow tracks? I am rather fond of those and would love to hear them again. If not no biggie. Thanks and keep up the great work.


Brushback said...

Yeah, I can send them to you sometime between now and the weekend, no problem. Thanks for stopping by!

soniklife said...

Awesome! I guess email me at

Greatly appreciated.


ib said...

Well. They might be the only ghost in town if one were to surmise retirement. Kind of like the sound they make though; Shangri-La and Like Candy, too. The Jesus and Mary Chain peppered with some wholesome distortion.

Brushback said...

Yeah, from one "Ghost" in town to another...

Definitely with a title like "Like Candy", one of the things that pops into your head is The Jesus and Mary Chain.