Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fleas Don't Die In The Fall

The I AM Festival was sort of a mixed bag for me this year; a flat tire repair threw me off by about an hour and made me miss the one band, Gone For Good, that I really wanted to see the most. I did end up sticking around for a few other bands after that (Hempsteadys, Fake Babies, Darlings), but I eventually lost my train of thought, and so I headed out to walk around New London for a few blocks before I left. The good part, though, was that I got to say hi to a bunch of folks and buy some neat stuff, including the "Fleas Don't Die In The Fall" compilation CD-R, which had just been released that day.

I think New London more than anywhere else in CT can churn out bands that have a dank, smelly, desperate edge to their tone, which is underscored on "Fleas Don't Die" right from the beginning. Ferocious Fucking Teeth is a merger between a trillion gallons of gas, Total Bolsheviks, and Brava Spectre, sporting not just one but but two drummers, and their first track here is a fairly thorough monster-- steadily building up steam before finally splitting wide open at around the :45 mark. FFT also have a tape that they put out at the end of last year called "9 Lungs" (something else that I bought on Saturday), which has a somewhat weirder version of "Don't Go" plus a cover of my favorite Shellac song, "Copper", and I almost can't wait to hear that.

I'm not totally sure where you could go to get your hands a copy of this compilation, besides from one of the bands at a show; the insert says "information about New Lo Records can be found on the internet", but it seems like they're just pulling your leg. There's some other nice stuff on here-- the Rapture Scum songs are sorta interesting, considering that I saw them at Whitney House once and they were just okay that night, and I particularly like the comp-ending Total Bolsheviks track-- plus all the artwork inside and out was hand-silkscreened by Steven Buttery, which some of you might recognize from the sleeve to the Brava Spectre 7-inch. Only 30 copies made, they'll all find a home I'm sure.

Ferocious Fucking Teeth -

"Don't Go"

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