Saturday, August 7, 2010

Creeps Like These Don't Disappear

I own more Died Pretty records than I can count, some that I've never even listened to because I've been figuring they might be a bit too new wave/120 Minutes for me. Died Pretty's songs are worth sorting through, though, because there's some real gems to be found among the pile. Likewise, the first side of the "Next to Nothing" 12-inch isn't so hot; side two is where you'll find the meat. "Final Twist" is above-average psych-jangle, and "Desperate Hours" is the classic Died Pretty build-up-and-release, reaching the payoff when Brett Myers' guitar announces itself with a couple of squawks of feedback at around the 6-minute mark, and then it's all amazing from there on out.

Died Pretty -

"Desperate Hours"

"Final Twist"

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