Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There's A Man Made Of Shadow Behind You

Kitty Badass were definitely one of the more interesting bands to come out of Connecticut in the last half of the 90's, besides being one of the best. A great live band, their songs were both spastic and amazingly catchy, and they had the ability to downshift quickly from thrashy punk to ripping powerchords, much like the Libyans do now. Not everything they did was gold, of course-- starting off with an okay track on the "I Can't Do Anything With 50 Cents" compilation and a split with Fudge Daddy-O's-- but when their first EP came out, the first two songs ("Tilted" and "Wings Folding") crushed anything they had released up to that point.

A second EP, "385 Seconds of Kitty Badass", was released within a month or so of this one (on Al Pist's Red Tape Records), and then there was 1998's "One Cell At a Time" CD, which wasn't recorded as well as the "We'll Let You Live" EP but had even better songs on it; in fact, I'd say that first six songs on "One Cell At a Time", taken as a group, were as good as any batch of songs released by a CT band that decade. Kitty Badass continued for a couple more years afterwards and there might've been one or two more releases beyond that, but I don't really know because I sorta lost track. "One Cell At a Time" is definitely worth picking up if you happen to find it though (ugly cover and all), otherwise I'll probably get around to posting it here eventually.

Kitty Badass -


"Wings Folding"


Brucie Badass said...

great band, I loved Jen's playing...nice attack!

Jeannie Fry said...

Thanks so much, you just made my day!

Brushback said...

You're welcome!!

Brushback said...

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