Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Don't Know How To Handle This

Probably the only cool thing about living in Connecticut is that I get to see Medication twice a year. However good the HoZac 7" and LP might be, there's nothing like hearing those songs live w/a band-- the slower ones breathe and simmer a little bit more, and ones like "Didn't Wanna Know" and "Don't Die" become real shit-kickers. On Wednesday night they played one vaguely familiar sounding song about halfway through the set, that totally knocked me backwards; it turned out to be some song (the neighbors?? not sure if I heard it right) that's been played live a few times and has been recorded, but wasn't on the LP. Now that I know that there's some newer solo-recorded Medication tracks floating around out there that I've never heard, it's probably gonna bug me.

This was Estrogen High's first show with their new drummer, Ross (Iron Hand, Tombstone Minds), which of course makes the band sound really different, although part of that is because they played only all new songs again except for a couple: "Logical Doctor" and "Move", which happen to be two of my favorites. The new songs are a bit different from what you've heard before-- maybe more VU, more flannel-rock. The ending part to "Logical Doctor" is a blow-out every time they play it, you've gotta see it, it's completely possessed.

Rich of Florida's Dying was also there, making the rounds with some of his records and bringing a bunch of new stuff (which you'd otherwise probably never see around here) along with some "tour only" type presses as well as the occasional eBay fodder for half the usual. I snagged a few sides that I still haven't listened to yet, there's crates around here full of that sort of thing.

Medication -


Estrogen Highs -

"They Told Me I Was Everything"

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