Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Want To Rise So High That When I Shit I Won't Miss Anybody

After the Lemuria show on Saturday I bounced over to Cafe Nine, where Estrogen Highs were playing as part of an Ideat Village fundraiser (don't ask me what that means exactly, other than a lot of old guys with grey-haired ponytails and tie-dye shirts are going to show up). It was pouring out, so when I found out that Estrogen Highs weren't really going on in 40 minutes as I had hoped but instead had 3 more bands ahead of them, I right away thought about leaving. Turns out they were off by about one and a half-- only two bands were ahead of them, including the one that was already playing-- so I stuck around by standing underneath a Bud Light beach umbrella out on the sidewalk, listening to (in no particular order) Estrogen Highs talk about how John Joseph's book on tape makes good tour van material and Steven Deal talk about, I dunno, his hair or something. Oh, and some lady told me that my Chuck Taylors looked shiny, which was weird because I didn't shine them at all last week.

Estrogen Highs were toast by the time they hit the stage, as it turned out, which meant a very interesting night got even better. This was also one of Chip's last shows with Estrogen Highs (the last one is at Cafe Nine with Jacuzzi Boys, a show that I'm missing right now as a matter of fact). Stefan's guitar sounded far more distorted than usual, and he also tried to karate-kick Wes about twice as many times as usual. I don't remember anything all that different about their set list; their cover of "Red/Green" kicked ass as always, and "God is Black" was introduced as "that long and boring song". To say that this might've been my favorite Estrogen Highs set ever, even more than their set at the Fucking Discovery Zone back in April or the last two times I saw them at the Whitney House, is like saying Abe Lincoln had ugly feet, it's not like it's all that important anyway.

M.T. Bearington went on right after Estrogen Highs, and though for the past couple of years or so I've been really curious to see what M.T. Bearington are like live, that curiosity has waned considerably, so I split. In between bands I spotted Brad from Titles, who are finally releasing their new CD this weekend. I've been hopped-up waiting to hear the new album since January, so I gave Brad a tap on the back and told him how much I was looking forward to the release show on Saturday. I'm sure he had no idea who the fuck I was.

Estrogen Highs -

"Age of Romantics"

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