Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Gotten So Good At Talking No One Knows What I'm Trying To Say

I'm guessing no one wants to hear me go on again about the time I went to Cousin Larry's in Danbury back in January to see The Field Recordings, and how it didn't work out (a quick summary: band cancels due to circumstances, performs an improvised two-man acoustic set as a replacement). Things went pretty much as planned this past Saturday, though, to the point that The Field Recordings put up the kind of set worthy of their potential, even if it started off a bit lethargically. It took a wide-open version of "Fixed Points" to get things back on track again, followed a bit later by a new song bearing a hefty rhythm/melody line which might be their best song so far, even if I can't tell you what it was because it doesn't even have a title yet. A vicious "Awkward Circuit Boards" became another high point, finally finishing off with some sort of noise/improv jam type thing, although it wasn't really psych/noodly at all as you might be thinking, more like The Field Recordings impersonating Drunkdriver and ending with some broken strings and Jared knocking half his drum kit to the floor. Not to fall back on hyperbole too much, but one of the things I've learned over the years is to be around a potentially great band while they're in their ascent is something rare, and right now The Field Recordings are writing their own chapter in a book that no one's even reading. Hence their recent plan to record a batch of songs to cassettes individually, so that whichever copy a person ended up with, they would have the only one that existed. I don't know if they ever went through with the idea, but sometimes you want to be clued-in to a band just for the attempt.

Actually, I think that idea became the "At Dawn!/At Dusk!" cassette, one of the songs from which ("Framing Happiness") I've posted below; it's a limited edition of 50 which you can only buy from the band at shows, or you can download most Field Recordings stuff through their web site (here) or bandcamp page (here).

The Field Recordings -

"The Awkward Circuit Boards"

"Framing Happiness"


DANIEL said...

That new song got a title a couple days ago: "We Will Become Strangers Faster Now."

Thanks so much for the Interest,

Brushback said...

That's a great title.

I found my "T/F/R" pin that I got the first time I saw you guys, by the way; I was shuffling a pile of papers on my computer desk and it fell out of the pile.

DANIEL said...


Yeah, we thought those things were really great when we made them--and then we found out it's not 1998 and no one wears pins anymore, apparently. But, we're glad it has served you well as a shitty paperweight...

Brushback said...

Hey, how about this quote in the New Haven Advocate?!??

“As far as the local bands, I’m excited to see the Field Recordings,” Goodwin says. “There’s such a buzz about them right now. They’re ridiculously good.”

Alright, I guess it's time for the backlash already....

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now inactive.