Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm Getting Pretty Good At Waking Up And Getting Dressed

Friday night was probably the third or fourth time that The Slow Death (in one form or another) have played in the area over the past year or so, including once already this year back in February, which might seem like a lot for a band from Minneapolis but that's okay because they're a damn good band. Friday night at Whitney House they were actually impressive as hell; you can't overestimate what Mikey Erg adds with his drums and backing vocals, plus they've got a handful of new songs that are all at least 8 or 9 on a 10 scale, and the Whitney House acoustics had everything sounding nice and thick as usual. Really, no matter how many times you might've seen these guys (and I guess they tour a lot, don't they?), it's well worth it to get out and see them again with the current line-up. The Slow Death have recorded four new songs on a demo CD-R that they brought with them; all of the songs are up right now on their MySpace page (myspaceblahblahblah/prettyboythorson), plus I hope they don't mind that I'm gonna post one of them here.

The Dead Uncles set was weird, mostly because at different times I couldn't hear one of the mic's or one of the guitars, which you'd think would mean a crappy set but it wasn't-- it was most likely my favorite Dead Uncles set so far. It's actually the most tuneful that I've ever heard them, even without any Replacements covers (not that I've ever heard Dead Uncles do a Replacements cover, it's just something that I keep hearing about). Sean Murphy even sang one song with them, and it wasn't that bad, it had words and everything. Dead Uncles have some new product on the way soon, too, which oughta be nice. Not that I've heard any of it or anything, but I can still guarantee you that it'll be better than Deadlights.

The Slow Death -

"The Opposite of Jesse's Girl"

Dead Uncles -

"Blind Reiterations"

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