Friday, March 12, 2010

Steal This Band's Record

Connecticut-based Twin Lakes Records, whom you might know from their releases by Closely Watched Trains and Myty Konkeror, are branching out with a new 5-song EP from the Australian band Electric Jellyfish, which (for about another week or so) can be downloaded for free at the Twin Lakes web site. Despite their crappy name, Electric Jellyfish is some pretty good stuff, especially if you like big, noisy Australian rock like Cosmic Psychos and King Snake Roost. They're on a tour of the U.S. right now which includes a couple of Connecticut stops in April, and if you like what you hear then Electric Jellyfish (crummy name) have got a couple of other releases that you can hunt down, including a tape on Ecstatic Yod, the label run by those two guys from Arthur magazine, what the frig's their names, I can't remember right now.

If you're not really sure if you care or not, here's a listen-only track that you can check out first. Eventually the EP download will be $4.95, which still isn't bad-- not as good as free, though.

Electric Jellyfish - "Image of Power, Poolside"

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