Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do's and Dont's Like Dinosaurs Die

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Sometime back in the early 90's it became an everyday matter for indie bands to be wilfully cutesy and have songs about things like sweaters, bicycles, and chocolate milk-- something that could be traced back to the Harriet Rebellion, no doubt. Most likely Poole would count as one of those cutesy bands, except that their stuff had a lot more punch to it thanks to some pretty great drumming; in fact, twee pop or no, "Alaska Days" is one of those CDs that you gotta hear if you appreciate the sound of someone intently kicking the crap out of a drum kit.

I remember Walt playing this CD one day while I was at Brass City Records, and when I heard the drums I was like, "Hey, I want this." A bunch of years later I ended up buying another Poole CD, "Among Whom We Shine", which is not quite as good as this one (plus there's some extra horns on it and stuff), but it's still pretty decent. There you go, that's my entire history of Poole in two sentences.

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Poole -

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"Strawberry Kool-Aid Smile"



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