Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boxy And Foxy

Tractor Flip, Danbury CT 10/07
(photo swiped from Tractor Flip myspace)

The first two records I tried to rip today both had skips in 'em, and then I started ripping a Tight Bros record but I just wasn't into it. Fuckit, Tractor Flip rock harder than Tight Bros, anyway. "Boxy & Foxy" sounds like Skynard's "Gimmie Three Steps" if you shoved it down Buck Dharma's throat and it came back out sideways.
"Sounds like: The last time you did a powerslide down a flight of stairs and liked it/ That time you noticed the rhythm of the lines on the highway as you rolled in your freshly waxed ride/ Bears decending from the hill into the town below, armed to the teeth and ready to spill your blood"

Tractor Flip -

(this file is now listen-only)

"Boxy & Foxy"

(This file was a little too quiet, I've made it louder now. B.Ö.C. to the max!)

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