Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Still Don't Mean What I Say

Sometimes once I stumble onto another Ct. band that could be worth seeing, it takes a while before anything actually happens. For instance, Closely Watched Trains have been on the list for over a year now, as well as (more recently) Get Haunted and a bunch of others. The Field Recordings are on the list now, too, ever since Bruce from Total Dick/Klonez UK brought them up back around June or so, and even though I still haven't caught one of their live shows yet (they're playing tonight at Cousin Larry's, but, you know, things...), I did manage to snare a copy of their second EP.

No fooling, "Statescapes" could be one of the two or three best songs released by a new-to-me Ct. band this year. Almost unabashedly post-punk, this song kicks it like it's not even there, and I can definitely see The Field Recordings presenting a formidable roar on stage, presuming they've got a decent drummer at least. I'm told that I bought the last remaining physical copy of the CD, but you can still listen to and/or download all of the songs here, plus there's an earlier EP out there that isn't all that bad, really, if you wanna go look for it.

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The Field Recordings -

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One of the best bands in Danbury - hands down! Thanks for paying attention...

Brah Wobble said...

get off your high horse, tonyz...they is from norwalk!

Bruce said...

The Field Recordings came close to being the SECOND band I saw to literally "break a leg"...the first was VOID.

Brushback said...

Wait, I think I've heard that Void story! I forget all the details, though... I'm trying to remember if it happened at a show in Boston, or if it made them have to cancel a show in Boston. Either way, I think I read about it in Suburban Voice.

Gee, I hope the guy from Total Dick/Klonez UK shows up and leaves a comment. That'll really help close the loop.

Bru Are You said...

Are you being facetious with me, run-it? I can just leave you hanging, ya' know?

(great gildersleeves, nyc)

Brushback said...

I was born without a sarcasm function. I couldn't be facetious if I tried.

Brushback said...

The mp3 file on this post is now a listen-only (non-downloadable) file.