Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Know It's A Warning And I Choose Not To Heed It

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"One dreary day in 2006, as America slowly devoured itself, Clusterfuck recorded an LP. A record so grand in its dismantling of dead end culture and prefab politics that the universe had no choice but to destroy it. These 5 songs are all that remain. A scant 30 copies sold at 1 show in a skate shop basement. Don't look now, but time is already ravaging this little marker. Oxygen molecules are bombarding the minute metal content until all that remains is rust." -- liner notes to Clusterfuck's "Bootleg EP"

This little biscuit is a limited-run CD that Clusterfuck brought with them on their triumphant return back to the Northeast earlier this month, containing the few songs that were salvaged from the original recording of Clusterfuck's 2006 LP (lost forever after a hard drive failure). The second recording session that was eventually pressed up as the classic "How The West Was Won" LP is certainly no slouch in itself, but I like these earlier versions of the songs even better. I was told that only 25 of these "bootleg" CDs were made, and I'm figuring that they're all sold out now, but I've gone ahead and duplicated four of the five tracks just for you, before time and wind and rain turn my copy into tiny little specs of dust, no doubt. The question is, brothers and sisters: How Much Rock Can You Take?

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Clusterfuck -

"Son of Sam"

"No No No Brain"

"I'm Fine"


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Bruce Weasel said...

buncha wise asses! donn's a great drummer as well...he's got a really good loose sort of bolles-esque attack.

half of this line-up formed SH*THAMMER, the 'all boy' band I was in.

Brushback said...

I swear you just sit around all day thinking up band names.

Chavo Peligro said...

just wait till I form BLACK KENNEDYS!

Brushback said...

I heard, like, a Buckcherry song the other day that went "too drunk to fuck". It was kind of annoying.

Bruce Flouride said...

that's truly unfortunate! I always think east bay ray gets overlooked as an amazing guitarist.

Brushback said...

East Bay Ray was like the only decent part of the Dead Kennedys (though early on I did like Jello's lyrics, I gotta admit).

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files. They're now being hosted on my Vox account (accesible through any of the above listen-only links), along with the one other song on the EP, "Stop", which wasn't included in my original post.