Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Skinned The Tip Of My Chin When I Was A Boy

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Here's a little gem that I wasn't even aware of before I read about it on the Matador boards about a year ago. The How is Stewart Anderson of Boyracer and Matt Hartman of Sic Alps, doing a two-piece mock-up of "the good Who, before Daltrey brought out the suede-fringed jackets" (although "I Was a Boy" totally deconstructs into a Boyracer-ish screeching feedback-ridden mess by the end of it). The packaging for this is neat, also; the sleeve is clear plastic with a silkscreened white logo so that the red vinyl 45 shows through and approximates a Union Jack-style Who logo, and the whole thing is pretty awesome. There's also a second The How single that came out a number of years before this one, but I've never seen it. (You can still get copies of this one through Slumberland, by the way.)

Besides the fake Who band, Stewart also has a fake Swedish HC thrash band called Lögnhalsmottagningen, which you gotta hear because it's completely hilarious.

The How -

"I Was a Boy"

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dan said...

he's got another new band now; Cheap Red

Brushback said...

Holy shit with the Judas Priest logo! Awesome!!

Brushback said...

The mp3 file on this post is now a listen-only (non-downloadable) file. It's been moved to my Vox account (accesible through any of the listen-only links on this blog) along with the other side of this single, "Happy Matt", which I ripped but didn't include in the original post.

You can still get this record from Slumberland if you want it.