Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Just Suck Right Off The Bat

For every ten lousy records Josh Freese has played on (Vandals, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, etc) he's played on at least one good one (Tommy Stinson, The Replacements), so at least give him that. As you might've guessed, recognizing Freese's name from a bunch of Paul Westerberg solo albums was the main reason I bought this, along with the hilarious Uncle Floyd-looking cover photo, which practically screams "VERY MUCH INSANE ROCK INSIDE!!" (use best Klaus Meine voice here).

"Notorious One Man Orgy" is a pretty sweet thing, in fact, especially if you're into big, hooky punk-sounding stuff. "Playboy Mansion" and "Bloodmobile" could fit on a Descendents record, and "Men & Women" sounds like Cheap Trick wrote it, so that's three good songs right there. Plus Josh Freese and Lisa Lopes have both released new solo CDs already in 2009, which makes "Why Won't Left Eye Get With Me?" from this first Freese solo CD nine years ago seem a lot less dated. Actually, it's even more dated, because she's not even alive anymore, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. Obviously I don't even know what point I'm trying to make.

Pretty much the same goes for the quasi-retro booklet, which looks like something somebody whipped up in about ten minutes using Windows 95-- either that, or it's a take off on the putrid Jeremy Morris LP that was mailed to anyone who had a fanzine back in 1985.

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Josh Freese -

"Playboy Mansion"


"Josh Freese Is Ready"

"Men & Women"

"Ass Backwards"

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