Friday, March 27, 2009

I Decided That It Was Best To Not Come Back For What I Left

I got the Radio Faces LP in the mail earlier this week, and "I'm So Lucky" jumped onto the list of songs that have floored me right away this year (the rest of the list so far is Wonderlust "Wolves" and Medication "Didn't Wanna Know"; bear in mind that there was one year when Texas Is The Reason "Johnny On The Spot" would've been on the list, so you've been warned). The whole record is great, though-- good if you like Gentleman Jesse and His Men, or (more to the point) Modern Machines/Used Kids/Ergs!/Bent Outta Shape/Ringers, which is where the Radio Faces line-up comes from.

The LP comes with a 192 kbps download card, though this is my own 320 kbps vinyl rip; only 525 of these were pressed, so hop to it-- art of the underground (is batting a thousand) dot com.

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Radio Faces -

"I'm So Lucky"

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