Friday, January 9, 2009

These Are The Things They Have And Hold

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This would be just another decent record from a shitty '80s fanzine except that it's the last record ever to come out with Breaking Circus' name on it, which makes it more than alright. This isn't even really Breaking Circus proper-- more like Steve Bjorklund alone in a studio with a drum machine-- which means the two punk covers here (of Naked Raygun and UK Subs) are given a definitely non-punk delivery... and in the case of "Home Of The Brave", it makes the somber lyrics even more chilling. As for "Warhead", well, I never was a UK Subs fan, but bands I like keep covering them, so hey, whaddo I know.

Breaking Circus -

"Home Of The Brave"


(these files are now listen-only)

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Sean said...

I bought my first Electric Frankenstein album because it had a "Home Of The Brave" that turned out to not be the N.R. tune...yet another happy accident. I'd been wanting to hear this cover for so long I actually forget all about it. Consider me satiated. There was a band from the 90s, The Doleful Lions (they got a lot of Guided By Voices comparisons) who did two Naked Raygun covers, and their "Home Of The Brave" might as well have been a cover of this version. Another all time favorite neutered, despite N.R. starting out as a drum machine-having band.

U.K. Subs, however, have zero perch in my skull.

Brushback said...

"Zero perch in my skull" - that sums it up pretty good for me, also...

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files. For those of you who missed the boat, I will do my best to respond to e-mailed requests for the original files.

Anonymous said...

reup two song single breaking circus


Brushback said...

Send me your e-mail address, and I can e-mail the files.

Anonymous said...


two song breaking circus

te he mandado un email pero por lo vsto no te llega

Anonymous said...

please two songs breaking circus

Brushback said...

Since people keep asking me to re-up them, here are the two songs from this single in one .zip file:


starkweather444 said...

Sean the Doleful Lions version sounds nothing like the Breaking Circus version, at all. Breaking Circus cast it as a mid period Wire song where Doleful Lions are faithful to the original, besides the fact a Dr. Rhythm is used in place of drums and was record on a shitty 4 track. I would know.