Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pull Out The Pin And Throw

If these guys ever put out a record, it would be the greatest thing ever. Think your scene has bands that are better than this? Not even close.

This one's for Greg. Merry Christmas!

Tractor Flip -

"Pull Out The Pin and Throw"

(this file is now listen-only)

(Graphic and photo swiped from Tractor Flip myspace.
I don't know who did 'em)


gsdgsd13 said...

Hey, thanks (presuming I'm the Greg in question ... well, even if I'm not!). Cool stuff again! Merry Christmas back at you.

ib said...

Merry Christmas! Diggin' the sleeve.

Brushback said...

Merry Christmas, ib, Greg (affirmative), and everyone else!

Brushback said...

The mp3 file on this post is now a listen-only (non-downloadable) file. Google their MySpace to hear more Tractor Flip stuff.