Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waiting For The Next Crusader

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Every so often I used to buy stuff direct from the guy up in Canada who ran the Does Everyone Stare? label, including a bunch of Milwaukees and Punchbuggy stuff and this label sampler ("A Various Artists Complication", you'll note the pun). I'm guessing there must've been a big leftover pile of samplers getting moldy in his basement because he even added one to my order for free once, even though I already had one.

Anyway, the last thing I ordered from the guy was a Woolworthy CD, because I really liked their song on this compilation, only the guy ended up bolting to Australia and I never got anything back. So now that I'm stuck with two copies of a CD with one good Woolworthy song but no actual Woolworthy CD, I might as well share.

Besides Woolworthy out-Ergging the Ergs, below you'll also find two songs by The Milwaukees, who're awesome (especially if you're into big anthemic rock stuff like "Closer To The Stars"-type Soul Asylum, or Moving Targets, or the only two Buckpets songs that were any good), something from Minneapolis' Pocket Genius, and a very New Sweet Breath-sounding song by Blocko. This CD has a bunch more good songs on it, but I'm stopping at five, since I've noticed that you guys have a very short attention span for this kind of stuff.

Woolworthy -

"Too Bad, Too Sad"

The Milwaukees -

"Planes Above Us"

"Drink Soviet Champagne"

Pocket Genius -

"Pipe Dreams"

Blocko -


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