Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Put The Queen Back On The Shelf

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A compilation of four great Danbury bands, "One" was released on Her Tears' Matt Chiavelli's Capsule imprint (go ahead and Google it, it's still around). I can't remember the exact year this came out and darn it if there isn't a date on either the label or the sleeve to help me out, but I'm positive it was either '94 or '95. Whatever the year, this gets my vote for best Ct. indie 7" comp ever, especially since almost every band on here was either peaking or just beginning to hit their stride. I'm leaving the Stubb track out because it's nowhere near their best, but Creature Did and Atlas, especially, released nothing but great stuff from this point on, and the Her Tears track remains one my favorite Ct. 7-inch sides ever.

The evidence:

Creature Did - If thunderous riffage and lots of random feedback are your thing, try this on for size. The 90's Danbury scene rocked your ass off, and I'm here to prove it.
Atlas - Atlas is responsible for two of the absolute best Ct. records of the 90's (their "Confusion Comforts Me" 7-inch and a self-titled CD); here, they cover one of Danbury transplant Bruce Wingate's songs off of Adrenalin O.D.'s infamous 1989 turd, "Ishtar", which is a completely brilliant and hilarious idea if you ask me.
Her Tears - Easily the best Her Tears song out of many great ones; the distorted bass riff kills me, and just when you think it couldn't get any better the song downshifts at the very end, like a little shoegazer mosh part. Would that I had a better way to offer it than from this crappy 7" pressing, but it's still killer.

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Creature Did -

"I Am Immune"

Atlas -

"Joe From Lodi"

Her Tears -

"Pill Cutter"

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