Saturday, July 12, 2008

If I Need Some Help Then I'll Ask Someone Else

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Sometimes record labels will send out crappy "advance copies" of CDs like the one you see here, instead of the real thing. I knew a bunch of fanzines that wouldn't bother to review these, since they're missing all the artwork and stuff, but Brushback wasn't one of them because making fun of lousy records is my passion.

I didn't get this CD for free, actually-- I rescued this one from the $3 bin at Brass City Records, since anything by the Fastbacks is worth $3, easily. My favorite Fastbacks track of all time is on this album, "Space Station No. 5", even though it's just a cover of a old Montrose/Sammy Hagar song. It friggin' rocks, though, and sometimes I would just set this song on "repeat" and listen to it 10 or 12 times in a row. I have days when there really isn't all that much to do around here, obviously.

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Fastbacks -

"Space Station No. 5"

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Since this is a pretty flimsy excuse for a post, I'm also gonna include the Fastbacks' "Gone To The Moon" CD EP. "Go All The Way" is a Raspberries' cover; on an only slightly related note, Rev. Norb (of Boris The Sprinkler) once wrote a lyric that rhymed "Eric Carmen" with "squeeze the Charmin", which makes him a genius, I guess.

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Fastbacks -

"Gone to The Moon"

"Go All The Way"

"The Right Thing"

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