Sunday, June 8, 2008

You're Talking Shit

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Kepone came out of Richmond, Virginia, in the early-to-mid 90's and brought some heavy, heavy stuff. I'd almost want to call this "punk metal", though not in a Fang or The Acc├╝sed kind of way, more like a Dave Mustaine fronting Rapeman or The Jesus Lizard kind of way. Then there's a couple of songs here, like "Leadbreath", where Kepone sound like some Epitaph band. (Oh fucking well.) Whatever you want to call this, it swings pretty hard; go ahead and try washing off the groove stink after listening to "Shit Talk". It can't be done.

Michael Bishop, whose bass playing on this record could strangle you, was also in GWAR, as was Tim Harriss. I saw GWAR at The Anthrax around '88 or so and they wore stupid-looking rubber costumes and were boring as shit. I'd rather listen to the White Cross EP any day. Seth Harris, who played drums on "Ugly Dance", was in the almighty Honor Role and Butterglove, and Ed Trask, the drummer on all the Kepone records after this one, is now the drummer in Avail.

This is the best record you'll ever hear that thanks both Jello Biafra and Page Hamilton on the lyric sheet, I can promise you that much. Oh yeah, thanks to Kepone for printing up a record sleeve that, when brand new, already looks like it's beat up and whipped. VG/VG-

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Kepone -


"Dickie Boys"

"Shit Talk"


"Sick River"


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