Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Don't Say a Goddamn Thing That Matters Anyway

Late last week, Greg from The Post-Pessimist Association admitted that at one point or another he's owned each of the first 49 releases on Revelation Records. This inspired me to try finding a similar embarassing glitch in my own record collection, though I quickly gave up the search and decided to post this Nobodys/Pinhead Circus split instead.

Greg's explanation is that some of those Revelation records were promos, and he didn't actually pay for all 49 of them. I didn't pay for the Nobodys/Pinhead Circus 7", either, as it was one of four records Soda Jerk sent to me for review in '96; this one, the Bleed and Five-By-Nine seven-inchers, and the awesome Thumbs EP. That's right, I've completely owned all four of the first four 7-inchers that Soda Jerk put out.

*pause for dramatic effect*

4-for-4 isn't quite 49-for-49, but like I said, I wanted to quit early, so it's good enough.

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Pinhead Circus -

(these files are now listen-only)

"You Don't Say"

"No Time At All"

Nobodys suck, plain and simple.

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gsdgsd13 said...

Geez, Boulder label and Denver band, and I was living there at the time -- but don't remember this at all. It sounds pretty great though.

(now playing: Supertouch, "The Earth is Flat")

Brushback said...

"The Earth Is Flat" -- I've got a post for this that I started months ago, which I've been sitting on...

I've gotta start writing faster, or something.

Jersey Beat said...

Mike Hall is in Japan on business but I'm sure he'd be totally thrilled that somebody actually mentioned The Thumbs in 2008

Brushback said...

I'll be posting the Thumbs EP on Soda Jerk someday-- it's great.

Brushback said...

Hey, sorry, but the mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files.

It's just Pinhead Circus, though-- you'll get over it.