Monday, May 21, 2012

Grass Don't Grow On A Busy Street

Paul Caporino of M.O.T.O. played two solo shows in Connecticut this month, and I didn't go to either of them, which I realize is pretty shitty on my part... so to make up for it, here's one of the better M.O.T.O. singles. The a-side to "Spiral Slouch" is made up of studio tracks, while the b-side is lo-fi home-recorded stuff, although I like the b-side better myself. I think it's funny how Paul sometimes keeps the TV on in the background while he records songs at home. You can actually buy the home-recorded tracks through Paul's mega CD Baby conglomerate-- they're part of the "St. John The Bastard" cassette, 99 cents per song or only $6.66 for the whole thing! -- so I'll make them listen-only files for now. "Wind It Out" is all yours, though.

M.O.T.O. -

"Wind It Out"

"Birthday Present To Myself"

"Worm In The Sky #2"

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