Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Running Out Of Comfort

Here's one from the glut that was serial label compilations back in the '90s (AmRep with "Dope Guns...", Trance Syndicate with "Love & Napalm", Toxic Shock with "Noise from Nowhere", "Teriyaki Asthma" from C/Z, etc etc), with almost all of them having pretty much the same 50% suck ratio that this one does. The Jonestown song is actually a pretty darn good Didjits-style ripper, and is easily the best song on here, although the Gas Huffer song is some pretty decent snacks also. Things go downhill quickly after that, starting with Porn Orchard (who were from Atlanta) who really want to be Phantom Tollbooth so bad: "We'll try some tempo changes, work in some metal riffs, come on it'll be cool!" I actually saw Porn Orchard once, at The Anthrax in the '80s; I believe it was on a bill with Falling Stairs, who were buddies of mine. I ripped their song here just so I could laugh at it later, but I'm not going to post it. Same with Daddy Hate Box, which equals funky grunge-metal that completely sucks.

I even managed to own two copies of this record; the one I have on black vinyl was trimmed out-of-round, so there's a lump of extra vinyl sticking out on one side and the grooves go right to the outer edge on the other side. Luckily the copy I have on gold vinyl is okay, so that's the one I used for these rips.

Jonestown -

"Fuck Your High and Get You Up"

Gas Huffer -


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