Thursday, December 29, 2011

Try Crossing The Line Every Once In A While

The label said this was like "The Who if they let the guy with the big nose sing all the songs", but it's actually more like The Neighborhoods if the singer was trying to sing like there were people the next room and he didn't want anybody to hear him. This is actually a pretty good single as far as Connecticut "rock" records go, though almost all of the CT records that are similar and better-- Stratford Survivors, Reducers, Peer Pressure, etc-- came out a good 10 years earlier... so just pretend that the sleeve says 1981 instead of 1991, and you might like this a lot more.

The Vagabonds -

"Laugh or Cry"

"I've Heard It All Before"


Lightning Baltimore said...

So you're saying they sound like Generation X, eh?

[goes to listen to the songs]

Yeah, sounds more like Gen-X than The Who, to my ears.


There was no part where the band got really quiet, though. Hmm. The one time I saw The Neighborhoods, I swear every song had a quiet bit. At first, it was nice, but it got tiresome rather quickly. Still, I enjoyed their set. It's a pity I'm not Fred Mills; I met them afterward but, being straightedge, I have no trite tales of getting drunk or doing drugs with them with which to regale you.

I take it back. It's not a pity.

Brushback said...

Ha ha, Fred Mills. He was the worst. I remember how he was into all that wimpy R.E.M./Dreams So Real type stuff, and then after Forced Exposure became popular, he (breifly) switched styles and tried to write like a tough-guy Chuck Eddy type dude...

jeffen said...

Instead of pretending this came out in 1981, which works pretty well, I'm gonna pretend it came out in 2011 which makes it sound even better!

Seriously good little find, regardless of its time of origin.

Brushback said...

Yeah, you're probably right -- pretend that this came out in 2011 on Dirtnap, and it might fit in...