Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Principles Must Govern Me

I realize this record can be found fairly easily on the internet, but I'm posting it here anyway since it's forever been my favorite early-'80s HC 7". Obviously this isn't an original pressing from '83, but the re-issue from six years ago. I used to own two copies of the original, though, back in the mid-80's when they were still cheap and relatively easy to find. There isn't anything about this record that isn't great; from the songs and the lyrics, to the production, to the fold-out lyric sheet and the photos on the back sleeve and the fonts, everything about this record is friggin' hard as fuck. The re-issue has a lot more treble than the OG version and some of the vocal tracks are obviously different, but you can still figure it out. If you took the Negative Approach EP or Agnostic Front's "Victim In Pain" and made the guitars sound like "My War", you'd get this.

State -



"Police State"

"Girl Violence"


Holly said...

HC's usually my thing, but for some reason I'm enjoying this today. So thank you!

Brushback said...

Yeah, this is great stuff, though the re-issue not being the original mix makes it more worth it to track down the original. The sound on the original has a lot more heft to it.

There's also some crappy lyrics on the new version that aren't on the original version...

Bruce said...

This was produced by Ron Ashton, wasn't it? I still have the sticker that came with my original copy.
I'm saving it for my walker or wheelchair.

Brushback said...

Ron Asheton (Stooges) helped with the original mix, yes.

I can't remember if either of my original copies had a sticker!