Monday, May 30, 2011

The Mind Has No Time For Religion

If Amphetamine Reptile did one thing good besides put out Halo of Flies records, it's bringing a bunch of Australian releases into the States: bands like Cosmic Psychos, Lubricated Goat, Feedtime, and then of course King Snake Roost. "Ground Into The Dirt" is waaay more metal-y than the one other King Snake Roost record that I've heard, "From Barbarism to Christian Manhood"; the earlier record is kinda slopping-around Feedtime/Killdozer type stuff, while the sound on "Ground Into The Dirt" is a lot crunchier and heavier. Recorded by Butch Vig, back when that still meant you'd be getting a pretty good record, before what's-their-names and that other thing he did. If you've never heard King Snake Roost before and want "Ground Into The Dirt" compared to something newer/more familiar before you dig in, imagine taking the beat from the Melvins' "Steve Instant Neuman" and putting Kepone riffs on top of it.

King Snake Roost -


"Stonge's Planet"

"Obscure Enough"



gsdgsd13 said...

Great stuff there. I never gave them a listen (possibly because I hated the name). Time to catch up.

Brushback said...

Lots of decent Aussie bands with they're-bound-to-suck names back then... besides King Snake Roost and Lubricated Goat, there was Grong Grong... tho I don't think I didn't listen to Grong Grong because of their name-- I didn't listen to Grong Grong because they were on Alternative Tentacles.