Monday, March 21, 2011

You're The One I Won't Forgive

This is something that I bought from Prgnt on a hunch, figuring by the looks of it that it was good and ignorant, and I was right. Two bands from the Midwest (Illinois and Indiana), sharing a split 7" on a Boston label. Socially Retarded is powerviolence with electronics; I'm sure someone else had this idea first, but I don't feel like thumbing through my back issues of HeartattaCk/Give Me Back to find out. Daisycutter are more towards standard p.v. with awesome slow parts-- obviously I'm clueless when it comes to describing stuff like this, I just think it's cool because "Instant Asshole" sounds like Vaccine and Oiltanker pressed together. Good for those times when I've given up on music. Fourteen songs in all (9 from Daisycutter, 5 from Socially Retarded) in under nine minutes. The first 40 copies or so come with silver and black screenprinting on a heavy chipboard sleeve. There's not really a tracklisting for the Socially Retarded side (it's buried in the lyric sheet somewhere), plus the center labels are on the wrong sides, which doesn't help much. If you want one, you can bug these guys ---->

Daisycutter -

"Instant Asshole"


"Neck In Noose"

Socially Retarded -

"Sick Child"

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