Friday, March 25, 2011

I'd Get Started Any Minute Now If You'd Just Leave Me Alone

"Cannanes sing 'rock and roll takes you prisoner, sit back, let your chains rattle' but then they're kinda soft and strummy so I guess she's just being a poet... you can trick one of your emocore friends by telling them that Cannanes are really the Cranberries so when you play this he'll cry and then you can punch him in the mouth... Small World Experience are a bit more rock, the song is really cool, plus I think 'procrastination' is a cool word to use in a song... on white vinyl, so don't play this while you're eating chicken." -- original Brushback #4 review

This was the first in Spit and a Half's "Australian Pop Series" from way back when-- I never bought any of the other records in the series, or even any other Small World Experience records even though I think their song here is just about perfect. "Procrastination" pulls off a remarkable low-key delivery ("I never visit but I'm always going right by your house... I don't know why I don't just drop in... I pretend that I'm late to see someone else"), world-class mumblecore in its own right and a small contender for one of my top fifty or so favorite singles sides from that decade... I ripped the Cannanes side, but I'm not all that enthusiastic about it.

Small World Experience -



Holly said...

This is kinda awesome. Well, awesome is a tad too strong, but I wish I'd heard this when it first came out.

Cannanes really not all that?

Brushback said...

I guess a lot of people like Cannanes, but their two songs here aren't that great. Like I said, I ripped both of the songs but in the end I didn't feel like posting either of them. They sound like a wimpier Cranberries.

Re-reading that old Brushback review reminded me of when, for about a year, the Cranberries were the big well-known band for all the emo punks to ironically like (sorta like The Smiths are now). I'd kinda forgotten about that, because the trend went away quickly.

Anonymous said...

Yup I got this one. In their defence The Cannanes do have some fine songs it's just the ones on this disc ain't them. I tend to prefer the ones with David Nichols singing and drumming on, I think he'd left by this point. I've met them a couple of time through a mutual friend and they're real nice folk.

I too know nothing else from The Small World Experience but this one is a real winner, thanks for reminding me.