Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Don't Care What I Leave Behind

Here's a really swank Mono Men single that came tucked away inside the last issue of Seven 'zine, with the back cover of the zine also serving as the sleeve of the record... as a bonus, I've included scans of two of the pages from the Mono Men interview/discography that was also in the zine, mostly because the Eagles story is pretty hilarious. The label's proprietor tried to play this single down as not being up to standards when it was released, but I think the A and B sides ("Peace of Mind" isn't available anywhere else, I'm pretty sure) are both near-perfect. This is the kind of shit that blows me turgid in my dreams. If the sudden guitar explosion at around the 1:45 mark of "Away" doesn't instantly give you chills then you probably like the wrong kind of music.

Mono Men -


"Peace of Mind"


Holly said...

Very nice share - thanks!

Brushback said...

I do my best!

love the Crazy Horse "Powderfinger" feel to the a-side...