Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Sorry I Picked At Your Culture

I first started getting e-mails from Bobby at Kind Turkey back in October, which I never actually deleted like most of the e-mails I get but still didn't get around to reading until about a month ago. Good thing I got wise, though, because he's put out some pretty good shit on his label, including Wheels on Fire (very Cartwright-ish), Wake Up Dead (Lemmy Caution from Black Time), and Black Mamba Beat (Swell Maps/Desperate Bicycles-ish? as if I'd fucking know). Black Mamba Beat and Wake Up Dead share a split cassette; I've got #99/100, so I guess they're pretty much sold out by now. Both sides are very much worth your time, but there's one Black Mamba Beat song, "D.I. and Die" (as in DIY, probably), that got even better once I started sniffing out some of the lyrics:

The headbanging of your mates is just a fucking pose
They know to front, because they know your fucking band sucks
Watch you wearing your new fucking flannel SHIT
D.I. DIE, you fucking insufferable prick

Or something like that-- that's about as close as I'm going to get right now. This tape was #1 in Poland (not really, but some Polish blog with the same top 20 as mine really liked it), so go to and see if you can get one, or maybe you'll find something else you'd like to buy, I think they've got t-shirts. Oh, wait, I guess they don't.

Black Mamba Beat -

"D.I. and Die!"