Friday, February 11, 2011

Choking On Someone Else's Words

The Raw Nerve LP was one of my top-five records of last year (drunkdriver tyvek nomos merchandise were the others), so now there's this stubby little tape from Youth Attack to hold everyone over until the next chunk of R/N vinyl comes along. I've still got a sealed copy of the LP that I've been saving for when my car needs a muffler or something, although Youth Attack just did a repress so there goes the big bucks out the window. No, wait, the repress is sold out now also. Anyway, I'm not always happy with my tape rips, so I'll leave you guys alone this time and only put up one song, the shortest one even, and then you can head on over to Elementary Revolt where they've got the whole thing posted. It even sounds like they've got the original files, too, instead of ordinary tape rips. But, you know, at least I've got better pictures. Yes, that's a Sonics cover ("Strychnine").

Raw Nerve -

"New Neighbors"

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The mp3 link is now inactive.