Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now I'm Having Trouble Keeping Track

Cheater Slicks are always one of the first bands I think about whenever I see some doofus suggesting that a band without a bass player is something new (like when that turd wrote his Medication review for the Advocate) or, even worse, something that the White Stripes invented. It's as if any indie rock that existed prior to one's own personal experience might as well be from the 1930's, for chrissakes. Not that my Cheater Slicks collection couldn't use some work-- actually, all I've got is this single and "Yer Last Record", and I didn't even really like this single ("just" an instrumental, plus a cover) when I first bought it, though it's grown on me since. The flip covers The Beckett Quintet, and the original is actually pretty interesting... you can check it out over at Garage Hangover, if you want. There's a few extra pops here, especially on the a-side, which I didn't even try to get rid of. Suck it up, it's more authentic that way.

Cheater Slicks -

"84 Ford 79"

"No Correspondence"

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