Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Lost My Spot In Line

New demo tape from some Brain Killer/Closet Fairies/Witches With Dicks members... the back of the booklet has a dude with the Screeching Weasel guy's head on top of the Gorilla Biscuits guy's body (maybe that's some kind of clue as to what Awful Man are aiming for), while the Dead Broke Rekerds blurb references Pegboy, but I think this sounds almost exactly like Dead Uncles meets The Credentials-- although my ears might've already been leaning in that direction... besides that, one of the songs has a pretty good Jean Claude Jam Band-type guitar riff... if you think the booklet looks spiffy, you should check out Jeff's zine called "Wet Cement", one of the best zines I've ever seen, even if I never got a copy of the new issue goddamnit... and if you don't like tapes, this is being pressed as a 7" (the "New Ways To Say Fuck Off" EP) by Dead Broke Rekerds pretty soon.

Awful Man -

"Leave It All To Rot"

"Home Taping Killed Music"


Brian said...

Samia from the incomparable Drunken Boat PDX has joined on bass since this demo was recorded. When Dead Uncles played with them, they covered Lemonheads and Ramones tunes. This demo gets a ton of play at ye olde FDZ, can't wait for the 7".

Brushback said...

Yeah, I'll definitely buy the 7", I'm sure the artwork's gonna be great...