Friday, September 10, 2010

That Shit Is Everywhere

Drunk Tank were a part of the earliest wave of post-Albini bands with which they're almost never spoken of (Bastards, Unsane, Bastro, etc), and by that I mean they never really caught on like all of the others, I guess. I never saw them live and didn't know too much about them outside of their records; what little I knew came from reading Conflict, where Gerard once told a story about playing the first Drunk Tank single on his radio show and getting a call from someone ranting about "second-rate Albini clones" who then came to the studio and beat him up-- I have no doubt the story was at least half-true. Also, Gerard once pointed out that Julian Mills used to wear a Detroit Tigers baseball cap because it represented "the murder capital of America". I'll bet that one's true, also. So that's it, that's the extent of my Drunk Tank knowledge.

I still have Drunk Tank's "Leadfoot"/"Scissors" 7-inch, which I bought when it first came out back in '89 (because of all the Conflict mentions, I'm sure) and liked a whole lot; I've been holding off posting it here because the kiddie-perv cover art would probably get me into Photobucket trouble. The LP cover seems okay though, so you can have this one. Eventually by the early '90s it seemed like every time you'd thumb through a box of 7"-ers, half of them would have a naked homeless guy with a gunshot wound on the cover, and like everything else it got old pretty fast. Likewise, "Pin-Up Girl" has some dumb stuff at the end of it that makes you have to turn it down, but I'm including it here anyway because it's the only song on the album with any sort of discernible riff.

Drunk Tank -

"Diesel Slug"

"Stranger Danger"

"End Bits"

"Pin-Up Girl"

"Nap Time"

"Freak of Nature"


Anonymous said...

The last time I dug this out the missus told me to turn it off, it's reet ugly.

Brushback said...


Dude, I'm totally jumping up, down, and sideways over your Homestead sampler.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you clearly know yr stuff.
I grabbed Breaking Circus "Home Of The Brave", "Warhead" from you some time ago but managed to loose them (and lottsa other goodies) in an IPod crash, any chance of re-uploading?

Brushback said...

I still have all the Breaking Circus files on my computer, so if you need me to e-mail them to you, let me know... though if you go to where I posted the "Warhead"/"Home of the Brave" 7-inch, you'll see a Mediafire link that I put up in the comments because people kept asking me for the files... the link should still work, I haven't checked it in a while.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, I've grabbed 'em. Thanks