Friday, August 27, 2010

I Spilled A Lot Of Blood To Get This Meal

Let me start off by saying that the packaging for this thing is a motherfucker: oversized hand-numbered folded sleeve, labels silkscreened on both sides, lyrics silkscreened onto a polylined dust jacket, in a limited pressing of 200 with an actual CD (not CD-R) included. Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour is two guys from Melbourne banging away on bass and drums "with the fuck you knob set to full", and if you're already into stuff like Big Business, Bloaryzed, and Sonorous Gale then you should have no problem at all liking this. Both guys are also in Fire Witch, another Australian band worth checking out, and if you hit up the label web site-- you'll find a few more insanely-packaged records from other like-minded and worthy bands.

I got one of the last copies that Wäntage had available in their distro (mine's actually #200/200); I think they might have one more copy for you if you bug them. "Deadline" is my vinyl rip, but because the CD bouncing around in the sleeve scuffed up the vinyl a little bit (whatever, this thing still rules), the other track I'm posting is taken from the CD.

Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour -


"If I Don't Shit Soon I'm Gonna Puke"

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