Friday, August 6, 2010

Gonna Kill You Til You Die

This one's also called the "Swiss Cheese/American Cheese" split, because there's a Swiss band (Designer) on one side and an American band (Bunnybrains) on the other... the Bunnybrains offer up more of their ambivalently-constructed psych-prog-punk, hard to believe these guys used to be on Matador, home of Perfume Genius... the Designer side kills me; once it gets going, "My Favorite Toy" sounds like Miss Piggy singing for Strangulated Beatoffs, while "Beach Bum" is full-on punk rock and sounds like Rot Shit, or whatever the '90s Swiss equivalent of Rot Shit was. Whomever rescued these two tracks and brought them over here deserves a freakin' medal... apologies for the extra crackly goodness, but whaddya want, it's cheap punk rock vinyl.

Bunnybrains -

"1000 Years Ago"

"Space Noise Symphony #3 (1st movement)"

Designer -

"My Favorite Toy"

"Beach Bum"


Holly said...

I came to check the Bunnybrains, I left with Designer. 'My Favorite Toy' is slaying me. Thank you!

Brushback said...

You're welcome!

The kid on the guitar (in the photo) is killing me, too...

Brushback said...

The mp3s on this post are now inactive.