Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ruin Your Life In The Name Of Filth

Time to dig into the Judge's Cave box set a little deeper; I first mentioned this in the midst of a Libyans show review, back when I bought it about month ago, but something this remarkable really deserves its own post. 22 tracks from eight mostly New Haven-area artists, spread out over four cassettes, with an old school cut-and-paste zine inside a hand-painted box. As I said before, the Medication recordings are the first-ever versions to be tracked with a full band, there's eight songs from the aborted Sudden Walks LP, plus indie/fuzz/noise stuff from Permanent Feels, Roman Wolfe, Female, and Colorguard, and metal stuff from Bible Frost (best fukkin name) and Ehrgeizig. If you care at all about really good Connecticut music like I do, or just want something that's friggin' cool to have around the house, then this set is a must-get.

I think Stefan has about 15 sets left out of the original 66 that were made, so either hustle to get a copy from Never Heard Of It (myspace slash neverheardofitrecords) or at an Estrogen Highs/Popeye's Garage-related show; I'll bet Redscroll might still have some, too.

Medication -


Sudden Walks -

"The Way I Sound"

Bible Frost -

"The Falling Sky"

Colorguard -

"Sweet Dreams of You"

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