Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Was Always Looking In The Other Direction

One of my favorite '90s singles, if just for the Scribble side, which has a bunch of great surging guitar lines and then adds a whistle solo (!) and some cool layered vocals towards the end. Take the fuzzy indie-pop thing that was going on at the time, along with what Superchunk was doing, and "Bedwetter" sorta fits right in-between there-- although Scribble were from Portland, so they were probably influenced just as much by Treepeople/Built To Spill as anything else. When I first reviewed this record I thought that the Sissyface side sounded a lot like a surf/psych version of "Valley of the Gwangi" (Phantom Tollbooth), and I'm still standing by that. I'm starting to think that the cover model looks a bit more like Dee Snider, though.

Scribble -


Sissyface -

"Muscle Car"

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