Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Keep It Peppy Every Goddamn Day

A unfreakin' godly hunk of rock if there ever was one, Fireballs of Freedom started out of the underrated Missoula, MT scene of the mid-90's, a scene that featured a whole slew of good bands (I've still got the Humpy/Oheisvasara spit on Pink House Records! I rule!) and some great zines like Shat Upon and Inner Muscle. Missoula was a place where everyone liked AC/DC and no one seemed to like Silkworm very much, if reading those zines was any indication. "Viva El Gato" came out after the Fireballs had already moved to Portland, but the sleeve is totally in the Vanek/Inner Muscle/Wäntage style, even though this came out on Empty. Every track on here is a scorcher, including "Von Ferno", which is one of those "tonight we're gonna rock you" type songs with a boogie riff. Dig it.

Fireballs of Freedom -

"Viva El Gato"

"Von Ferno"

"Fighting With Knives"

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Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now inactive. By the way, I think all of the songs from this single are on the "Greasy Retrospective" CD, which is still available from Wäntage.