Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Help Me Out When I Catch On Fire

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The first time I heard Fuck was on a record that came with an issue of Cool Beans, which (by the way) also had a pretty good Snowmen song on it. I don't even remember what the Fuck song sounded like anymore, but whatever it sounded like I know I thought it was pretty amazing, and so when the first Fuck LP on Matador ("Pardon My French") came out a little while later, I bought it on sight and spun it fairly regularly. I picked up a few more Fuck albums along the way-- "Conduct" and "Those Are Not My Bongos", all of which I still have-- eventually scoring a vinyl copy of "Baby Loves a Funny Bunny", which actually, working my way backwards, was Fuck's last LP before they signed to Matador.

As it happens, the vinyl version of "Baby Loves a Funny Bunny" is a numbered German pressing, since the domestic release was CD-only as far as I know. The way this thing was mastered makes it sound fairly quiet, though that just makes you listen all that more intently to catch all of the little noises and hidden bits that are going on. As with most Fuck records, the better songs here are typically the Yo La Tengo-ish ones where the band slides into a lower gear and starts handing out notes as if they were twenties, though (if you're gonna be rockist about it and hit the skip button when that happens) there's some stuff on here that zips along at a decent clip, also. The melodies are totally fierce-- again, you gotta be paying attention-- and some of the lyrics are a riot ("when I said I was a looker, I didn't mean I was good looking-- just that I was good at looking"), not to mention "Like You", which sounds like a piss take on Nirvana.

I'll post a handful of songs as usual, but since this LP works really well as a complete listen (plus I ripped the entire record, which I rarely do), I'll also put up a .zip file of the whole thing. I'll only leave that up for a couple of weeks, though, so grab while the grabbing's good.

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Fuck -

(these files are now listen-only)


"Love Me 2"



"Like You"

"Crush a Butterfly"

...and the whole thing all at once:

Fuck - Baby Loves a Funny Bunny (Normal, 1996).zip

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theneedledrop said...

some of this reminds me of slint. awesome!

Brushback said...

Y'know, I never would've thought to compare Fuck to Slint, but listening to a song like "Love Me 2" which starts at a whisper and slowly builds, and maybe it's not that far off...

Lightning Baltimore said...

OK, off-topic but you mentioned them so it's your fault.

Snowmen as in Cole Marquis's post-The Downsiders band? What's the song? I've got their three CDs and they're all pretty swell.

OK, that does it, my Song of the Day for today will be a Snowmen song.

Brushback said...

The Snowmen song was "Dy-No-Mite", which was later on their "In Orbit" CD. Cool song, the CD is pretty cool, too.

I will have to check out the Song of the Day...

Lightning Baltimore said...

The impending song is from their debut, Soundproof.

Brushback said...

I've never heard of any of their other CDs-- I actually never even knew they had anything besides In Orbit, I kinda thought they were one of those one-CD-and-we're-out kinda bands...

Lightning Baltimore said...

Ah. The third one was '98's The Last Days of the Central Freeway, released on Devil in the Woods Records, the label started by drummer Mike Cloward in 1983. DitW also released the two Cole Marquis solo albums, the final two Dumptruck albums and a ton of other stuff I've not heard.

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files. They are now being hosted on my Vox page (accessible through any of the above listen-only links), along with all of the other songs that I ripped from the record.

Anonymous said...

upload the whole album again, this shit is impossible to find! please and thank you!

Brushback said...

Actually, CD Baby has the whole thing --


Anonymous said...

you want me to buy it?!?!?!

Brushback said...

Ha ha!

Well, "Supermegacorporation" is the band's own label, so I'm sure they get a pretty good chunk of the money when you buy their stuff from there.

Stathis said...

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