Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clowns Join The Circus Nearly Every Day

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I was listening to this CD as I was driving across the state today, on my way to the casino (where I came out 38 cents ahead on the 1/4 penny slots-- fukkin' A-right), and it was sounding pretty good, so screw it, why not post it. "Fuzzy Little Piece of the World" was the last of the Pontiac Brothers albums, written and recorded on a lark (if I remember the story correctly) after the band had been broken up for a couple of years. "Clowns Join The Circus" is probably my favorite Pontiac Brothers lyric ever-- "Barnum and Bailey are hirin' too"-- and you better believe that Ward Dotson is on the short short list of most overlooked American rock geniuses ever. If you don't already know that, then get yourself some Liquor Giants records and learn it quick. Plus 38 cents is about what I spent on this CD when I bought it used, so there you go, it's like karma or something.

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The Pontiac Brothers -

"Fuzzy Little Piece Of The World"

"Clowns Join The Circus"



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