Friday, August 8, 2008

Help Me Load My Last Round And Steady The Trigger

The cover artwork for the new Cobra Verde LP was just posted a couple of days ago on the Scat website ( see below), and I gotta say that it looks pretty awesome... unlike the Gary Panter cover artwork for this Cobra Verde 45, which looks like absolute shit.

I sorta slagged this single when I reviewed it in Brushback #5 ("goes nowhere not quite fast enough"), only I was probably just annoyed by the typo on the label, because I think it's a great record now. I mean, at the time Cobra Verde were pretty much the primary line-up of Death of Samantha moved forward a few years, and since Death of Samantha stand as one of the finest American rock outfits ever, how could you go wrong? Manly rock is manly rock, after all, and if Cobra Verde aren't full-on manly then nothing is. Well, while just about every record Doug Gillard plays on is worth a listen or two (the guy's a friggin' amazing guitar player and writer), I'll cop to not liking parts of Cobra Verde's output all that much. If that doesn't make me look stupid then owning a Hold Steady CD certainly does. Jeez, what the fuck was I thinking?

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Cobra Verde -

"One Step Away From Myself"

"Everything To You"

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Unknown said...

Wow! Thank you for posting this! One Step Away From Myself is one of the greatest songs of the twentieth century! I agree that the cover art is a bit lame. Kudos!

Brushback said...

You're welcome!.. yeah, this is a great record, as long as you're not looking at it.

Brushback said...

The mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files. TOUGH LUCK, CHARLIE! No, actually, for those of you who missed the boat, I will do my best to respond to any e-mailed requests for the original files.