Thursday, April 10, 2008

Love Ain't Punk

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I think every state should have their own record like this. First, you've got the two best pop-punk bands to ever call New Hampshire home together on one 7". Then add one of the more memorable punk rock picture sleeves ever, including the hilarious map of New Hampshire on the inside, which even though it's slightly out-of-date can be used to figure out where all of the Monarchs fans live (in Rochester, NH, apparently).

Sinkhole recorded a GG Allin cover ("I Need Adventure") for this record as a further testament to their (former) New Hampshire-ness, but I left it off for a couple of reasons, one being that it sounded too much like Poison. Nice try, though.

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Sinkhole -


The Queers -


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Brushback said...

Hey, sorry, but the mp3 files on this post are now listen-only (non-downloadable) files. Pretty much nobody downloaded these anyway, even thought The Queers are one of the best bands ever. You guys are so friggin' gay.

For those of you who came to the party late, I will do my best to respond to any e-mailed requests for the original files.

matt said...

I mail-ordered pretty hard in the 90's and I remember checking out a number of Ringing Ear releases (including Bender, who were local to me) and having next-to-nothing "grab" at me...

However after stumbling onto The A.G.'s today, I'm kinda kicking myself for not picking up their retrospective CD... which I certainly remember being aware of... but, you know, considering it was pitched as "pre-Sinkhole band" it wasn't something I felt the need to investigate any further... or at all.

Well if someone had told me that The A.G.'s were Angry Samoans-inspired goodness and not generic 90's pop-punk way back when... I could have been rocking out to this record for the past 15 years or so since it came out. Who knew? You?! Did you know?!

You should a post on these guys. Spread the word. Hidden gem if there ever was one. I'd lump 'em in with Scratch Bongowax (also-forgotten genius) and maybe Head as the only bands doing this type ilk in that era.

Surf's up...blaaaaaaaaerugh:

(Entertaining liner notes there too... I especially enjoy the cringe-worthy story of the band being bootlegged by their own label, the pinnacle of industrious punk rock suave, Mystic Records!)

Brushback said...

The only A.G.'s stuff I have is their two tracks on the "Flex Your Specs" sampler -- which I took out and I'm listening to right now actually -- and yeah, I can definitely see the Angry Samoans comparison ("I Don't Need Anyone" especially, sounds like "You Stupid Jerk" or "You Stupid Asshole" during the verses).

Kinda funny, though, I've always liked the pop-punk stuff on Ringing Ear (Bender and Sinkhole especially) and not the other stuff so much.