Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Either That Or They Hit You

When I first started buying actual punk records around '84 or so, instead of the usual chain-store shit, there was a lot of trial and error involved. One of the things that I figured out early on, thanks to Lyres "On Fyre" and the first few Mission of Burma records, was that Ace of Hearts had an asthetic that I really liked, and so from then on I latched onto pretty much anything I could find that had an Ace of Hearts logo on it. This was back when you could still find stuff like "Trem Two" and "Academy Fight Song" fairly reasonably, besides being able to buy all the copies you could want of "Signals Calls and Marches" at the original $6.98 list price or whatever it was.

One of the first Ace of Hearts singles that I bought was The Neighborhoods. The copy I found at Brass City Records came without the sleeve (the two pictures you see here are from a Google image search), and for the longest time I didn't even know there was a sleeve, so I never knew that they'd snuck a nekkid lady on the front, or that the back looked totally goofy. I still don't think much of "Prettiest Girl", though I'm including it here anyway. "No Place Like Home" has a lot more zip to it, so I liked it a lot more, even throwing it onto a mix tape that I made for Bill Callahan once (this would've been back in '85), probably because we were both acting ticked off about still living at home with our parents or something with a really deep meaning like that.

The Neighborhoods -

"No Place Like Home"

"Prettiest Girl"


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